Prokon Sub-Frame Strips Explained


Prokon Sub-Frame Strips are used to export loads and geometry to the Continuous Beam module for analysis and detailing. The Sub-Frame Strip collects all loads within its area and applies it to the equivalent beam for analysis. Continuous Beam performs a separate analysis where elastic and long-term deflections are calculated. Reinforcement can then be designed.

It is important to note that SUMO plays no role in the analysis of the Sub-Frame Strip but is the graphical interface where the geometry and loads are modelled – the Sub-Frame Strip can be exported via the Sub-frame Design Link prior to the analysis of the model in SUMO.

Prokon Sub-Frame Strips

There are two options for adding Sub-Frame Strips:

  • Frame line: This involves placing the centerline of the Sub-Frame Strip having indicated the left and right offset in the Settings section in the Ribbon.
  • Width line: This method involves placing the center-point along with left-and-right points indicating the width of the Sub-Frame Strip. The left-and-right offsets indicated in the Settings section of the Ribbon determine the length of the Sub-Frame Strip from the central width line.

Prokon Sub-Frame Strips Notes

  • Sub-Frame Strips are one-directional, meaning that you will need to add two strips to have both the X-X and Y-Y axis analyzed and each Sub-Frame Strip only Analyses one of the two.
  • Hit Enter after placing your Sub-Frame Strip and then only Accept.

Prokon Sub-Frame Strips
Prokon Sub-Frame Strips

In conclusion, Sub-Frame Strips are simple to add and allow for code-based analysis of pre-determined sections of slabs and beams in the powerful Continuous Beam module. If you need any assistance with the use of Sub-Frame Strips please get hold of me by sending an email to

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