Prokon SUMO: Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts


The SUMO interface is already very simple and easy to use, but when one has to repeat the same command/function multiple times you do not want to be stuck with having to cycle between the same tabs continuously. A solution is to either assign commands/functions to the Quick Access Toolbar or to assign Keyboard Shortcuts to often-used commands/functions.

The Quick Access Toolbar is located in the top-left corner of the SUMO interface and can be customized by clicking on the small dropdown arrow located on the right-hand side of the Quick Access Toolbar.

Prokon SUMO

Here you will find a list of the current Commands/Functions pinned to the Quick Access Toolbar, the option to add more commands, the option to relocated the Quick Access Toolbar to below the Ribbon and lastly the option to Minimize the Ribbon. Relocating the Quick Access Toolbar places the Commands/Functions as in the image below.

Prokon SUMO

As mentioned before you can also assign Keyboard Shortcuts. This can be done as follows:

  • Clicking on More Commands.
  • Select the Customize button located next to the Keyboard Shortcuts text.
  • Select the relevant Category and Command.
  • In the Press new shortcut key cell you can add the shortcut.
  • The shortcut has to consist of two keyboard entries – Alt+B, Ctrl+2, etc. (you do not physically need to type the +).
  • Lastly, hit Assign.
Prokon 5.1
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