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Prokon’s SUMO module has simplified creating structural models and greatly reduced the time taken to do so. Troubleshooting is also significantly simpler. As with Frame, SUMO comes with a set of Wizards that you can use to generate structures that could take a lot of time to model from scratch, saving you loads of time.

There are currently five (5) Wizards available:

  • Trussed Frame
  • Portal Frame
  • Concrete Building
  • Circular Reservoir
  • Semi-ellipsoid Shell

Within the Trussed Frame and Portal Frame Wizards you can define the profiles associated with certain structural elements (purlins, rafters, etc.), define bracing, structural loading and bolt materials (within the Connections tab).

Prokon sumo
Prokon Modules

The Concrete Building Wizard allows you to define multiple aspects of a Concrete Building, excluding Live Loads which must be manually added.

Prokon 5.1

The Circular Reservoir allows you to define the parameters for a Circular Reservoir, including Liquid Height and Liquid Density. The Wizard creates the Reservoir with its’ wall loading.

Prokon South Africa

Lastly the Semi-ellipsoid Shell Wizard provides all of the inputs necessary to model a structure of that shape. You have the option of three curvatures: Spherical, Parabolic and Cone. This is a very useful tool for creating domes.

Prokon SUMO

This short introduction should be all that you need to get going with these Wizards as Prokon has made the inputs simple and intuitive.

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