SUMO: MKL Pardiso Error – Part 2


Please check out Part 1 before proceeding –

With reference to Part 1, Part 2 will discuss how to identify stability issues in your model. With more complicated structures comes a more complicated and time-consuming problem. However, with a more structured approach, you can eliminate unnecessary time spent on attempting to solve the error.

In a typical model, you have got two points of connection:

  • Member-to-Support.
  • Member-to-Member.

It is always best to start with Member-to-Support connections as they are easy to isolate and check.

Looking at your Support Fixities, setting all of your Translational Fixities to Rigid and Rotational Fixities to Free, simulates a pinned connection. If you set the member’s fixity on the side connecting to the Support (you can set both the Start and End Fixities of members) to Pinned or Torsion Pinned, you’ll cause numerical instability. The Fixity of the member must be set to Fixed, or that of the Support. Your Bending Moments will still be zero at that point because of the Pinned Support or Member.

Member-to-Member connections can be more difficult to diagnose and fix.

In this particular example, these two girts need to be fixed at their point of intersection. Where they connect to the columns, their fixities can be set to Torsion Pinned. If their Fixities at the column are set to Pinned, it will cause numerical instability (the error will pop up again).

The fixities of the adjacent members have no effect on how the middle members fixities can be set up.

So, when faced with a large and complicated model, start with your Member-to-Support connections and attempt to run the Analysis. If the problem persists, consider the fixities where two of the same type of elements connect in the same plane and axes (two girts above). Lastly, consider where different types of elements connect (beam-column, etc.).

Hopefully, the content above gives you some insight in to how you can approach and resolve the MKL Pardiso Error.

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