AutoCAD vs AutoCAD LT

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Compare the features of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, and learn which CAD software is the right solution for your design workflow.




2D + 3D modeling, design + rendering

Detailed concept renderings

3D graphics rotation/panning

Advanced geometric views

Edit scans with raster and vector tools

Shape generator


Assembly modeling

Mechanical concept and layout design

Mesh modeling

Surface modeling

Parametric modeling

Tube and pipe design

Direct modeling

Component generators and calculators

Freeform modeling

2D manufacturing drawings

Geometric dimensions & tolerances (GD+T) standards

Print batches of drawings

Print batches of multiple product drawings

Xref compare

Smart annotation tools

Detect and comply with CAD standards

Compatible for 3D printing

Architecture Drafting Standards

Content center

Exploded views

Unlimited access

Import, export models

Shared view collaboration

User management

Global share

Commenting + redlining

Public/private design sharing

Team participant

Import, export blocks

Import, export drawings

Import and convert PDFs

Attach, edit, display point clouds

Access, view, or edit remotely

Publish, share, and collaborate online

Works with popular cloud services

Web app

Mobile app

Annotate dwg files in airplane mode

Exploded views and animations

Stress analysis

Cloud simulation


Compare results

Static stress

Modal frequency

Thermal & thermal stress


Non-linear Stress

Event simulation

Shape optimization

Dynamic motion simulation

Manufacturing methods & constraints

Machine learning & AI

Create custom keystroke commands

AutoLISP programming and automation

Visual LISP functionality

Visual Basic applications

Record repetitive keystroke sequences

Edit multiple object properties

Industry-specific object libraries


Complete API library for custom applications

Native, editable results

Cloud solve


Design configurations

Automated frame design

Sheet metal

Design parts, assemblies, products

Intelligent tool palletes

Import external CAD geometry

Automate part updates

Assign parametric constraints for parts

Object materials and mass properties

Automate bills of materials creation

700,000+ intelligent manufacturing parts

Create panel layouts, schematic diagrams

Schematic capture

Use consistent project standards

Organize in a project-based structure

Wiring diagram error checking

65,000+ intelligent electrical symbols

PCB layout

PCB manufacturing (CAM)

Design for manufacturability/DRC

MCAD-ECAD unification

Component library management

SPICE simulation

Electronics cooling

PCB design integration

Printed circuit board interoperability

2.5 & 3-axis milling

3+2 milling (5-axis positional)

4-axis milling

5-axis simultaneous milling

Setup probing



Water jet, laser cutter, plasma cutter

Free Post Processor Library

Fused filament fabrication

Associative programming

Metal additive manufacturing

BIM interoperability

Assign objects to layers with colors

TrustedDWG™ file validation

Integrate coordinated BIM models

Model-based definition