AutoCAD Electric 2024 – Schematic Symbol Table


With the release of a new AutoCAD comes the release of new AutoCAD Electrical functionality. AutoCAD Electrical 2024 is no different. Apart from the new features that are prevalent in base AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical did not have many new features but there is one that you might find interesting. This is the addition of a new report that you can generate for schematic electrical symbols, and how many you have, being represented in your AutoCAD Electrical project.

To create these tables and list, you need to click on the Reports Tab and on the Schematic panel select Reports.

In the report dialog box, under Report name, select the Symbol list.

To process all the drawings you can select do all.

Once you have selected OK,the Report Generator dialog box pops up where you can inspect what te software has picked up and then choose to insert the table onto the drawing or export it out to a file on your desktop.

If you choose to insert the file into the drawing you can do so either as a graphical table or a text table.

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