Autodesk Vault and SQL Express limit


Autodesk Vault and Microsoft SQL Express work very well together. In fact if you are running a normal Vault install you should see no difference between when you install Microsoft (MS) SQL Express and the Full Microsoft SQL software.

Over the last few weeks I have had a few clients contact me expressing concern that they could not access or check any files into the Vault. Weird messages that really did not make any sense. As they had been using Vault for a few years my initial suspicion was that the database had grown over 10GB (this is the database and not the filestore size) and that unfortunately is a limit that Microsoft has placed on any database using SQL Express. You effectively brick your Vault.

So what can be done? Upgrading the SQL Express instance to the Full SQL will solve your problem. As with all Vault maintenance the first thing to do is to backup your Vault. If you don’t and there is a failure of some sort then you will have bought SQL and tried to update for nought and you would have lost a ton of data which is NOT what you want to do.

To check if the database is over the 10GB limit you can open the Vault data management console and check under the Vaults that you have created.

To check that you have SQL Express installed you need to install SQL Server Management Studio and check under properties.

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