Civil 3D 2025 Assemblies – Built-In Assemblies

In this short video, we investigate how to get started with Civil 3D assemblies. There are some assemblies on the Assemblies tab of the Tool Palettes, and for those of us who do not have the experience these are a great guidance on who to set up our first assemblies.

We then look at where to find the subassemblies and we see how to investigate each subassembly in the help. We note that you should use subassemblies with “Super” in the name if you want to apply superelevation to the corridor.

We note that there is something called a Subassembly Composer. While I have never used this, I recognize that it may be important for some of us, who cannot get away with what is released and updated every year by Autodesk.

If you need help adopting the AEC Collection or the Autodesk Construction Cloud in your practice or you are looking to invest in hardware, please contact Micrographics so that we may be of assistance.

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