ACC Build – How Are Sheets Counted

In this vlog, we consider the number of sheets that you may purchase when you decide on the bold license you would like to have. First, how are sheets counted? Does a version of a sheet count as a sheet? What happens when you delete a sheet? Is the country reduced? When a sheet is deleted, do you lose issues that may have been created using that sheet? Are sheets counted per project or across all the projects one may be involved in?

When you purchase Autodesk build (ACC Build) you have an option on the number of sheets you would like to purchase. These sheets are attached to a license. You need to make an informed decision when you purchase your license. Typical questions that arise include how the sheets are counted, what happens to the count when sheets are deleted, what happens to the issues created on sheets that are deleted, and whether our sheets are counted per project, or across all the projects that one may be involved in.

You will have some idea based on historical data about the number of sheets that you will need on your project. Make an informed decision keeping this in mind.

Note: you can check the sheet usage against a user on the account level.

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