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As you might be aware, the Autodesk Collaborate license offers users the capability to federate a model and to create issues in a context where all the disciplines are visible. This is an invaluable tool. One can navigate using 3D sections and even in first-person mode. The same is true for Autodesk Coordinate, in which the federated model can be navigated and issues created.

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Unfortunately, there is no federated model to view and navigate in Autodesk Build. One can publish 2D sheets, but when communicating issues on site, it is the experience of Project Managers that a large part of the communication can more easily be completed when creating issues on a 3D walkthrough in the building. For the Project manager this is not really an issue, as they typically have both the Collaborate and Build licenses, but the operatives on site typically only have the Build licenses. To expect them to purchase a Collaborate license on top of the Build license just to be able to communicate in 3D is not a generally accepted solution.

Autodesk, Micrographics, ACC Build, Federated Model, Idea

If you would like to have the capability to do 3D walkabouts in a federated model in Build 3D and create issues (snags) then please vote for the idea here. Ideas are the best way to communicate to Autodesk that the need exists for them to meet the needs of the industry. If possible, set up a group in your organization to leverage the power of your votes. Circulate a mail and get more people to vote.

Autodesk, Micrographics, ACC Build, Federated Model, Idea

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