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Many users of the Autodesk construction cloud would like to migrate their files off their physical server and onto the cloud. A common question is whether they need another online service like SharePoint. The help files that are published by Autodesk state categorically that certain file types are not supported and cannot be uploaded. Others, while they can be uploaded, cannot be viewed or clash detected.

To test this, I looked through the list of file types that are not supported on the cloud. I identified the .msi format since it is readily available to me.


I browsed to an Autodesk docs folder and uploaded it directly to the cloud. An error message is displayed that specifies that this type of file is not supported for upload.


The warning triggers an action that causes the file not to be uploaded.

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So, what if we try to fool the software and drop the .msi file into the folder on our desktop – the one that is synced with the cloud. Again, we see that Autodesk anticipated this action and precluded the user from uploading via the hard drive.

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Ultimately an integrated solution might include an app like 360Sync which will synchronize the design files with another platform like SharePoint.


The takeaway is that while you do have unlimited storage space on an Amazon Web Server, it cannot be utilized for every file type, and you should make another plan if you are moving away from a physical server that you must purchase and maintain.

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