ACC Collection – Quadro RTX 4070 vs RTX A4000

Imagine you are about to invest in a PC that is to deal with pretty much anything that can be encountered in the Autodesk AEC Collection software offerings. For around R20 000 – R30 000, what graphics card would you invest in? NVIDIA RTX 4070 vs NVIDIA RTX A4000.

 Remember the software in the AEC Collection includes all the following software packages:

I did a bit of research on this matter over the weekend, and it is frustrating that Autodesk does not have benchmark tests for the different types of graphics cards. In the past, some Gaming vs Quadro cards were compared almost like for like because they shared the same GPU, but recently there have been many options and their GPUs often differ.  I know from experience that some guys have software-specific benchmarks they run on their machines and then post to forums, but for every situation that can be envisaged using the AEC Collection? No.

A common opinion is that the RTX 4070 is a very good card and can handle most things. For some applications it is superior to the RTX A4000, but here is the rub of the matter. The Quadro cards are the ONLY cards that are certified and supported by Autodesk. This means if anything goes wrong, they are going to help you resolve the issue. For someone using the AEC collection over a broad spectrum of projects, that is the RTX A4000 (or another card in the RTX A series) that I would invest in. A stable, certified, rear exhausted (the case will not get that hot), less power-hungry card, and certified for CAD professionals.

PNY recommends their PNY RTX A4000 to support the Autodesk collections. No such page is found for the Leadtech RTX A400.

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