ACC Coordinate – Revit 2021 Workset Settings for Uploading Revit Files


I recently had to advise a project manager who is collating models from a supply chain and clashing them within the Autodesk construction cloud (ACC Coordinate). A problem occurred with the MEP file, in that some of the ducts and the pipes would not upload to the cloud. The file was in the Revit 2021 format and there was no obvious reason why the elements were not showing up.

We created a case with Autodesk and after some investigation, the issue turned out to be with workset settings in Revit. While ultimately it turned out that there was no solution available in Revit and that we had to export to industry foundation class (IFC) to be able to clash the model, some advice was given that could be applied two troublesome files in Revit 2022. Now it is typically not recommended to upgrade a Revit 2021 file to Revit 2022 (there is always the possibility of data loss when upgrading Revit files). If you upgrade, please be advised to keep an archive should you wish to revert.

Regardless of the workset settings for the project,

ACC Coordinate

you must still override the worksets in the visibility graphics overrides for the view.

Revit 2021

This is the solution that is applicable to troublesome files from 2022 onwards, but as we mentioned earlier, for 2021, and industry foundation export is a solution that will work for coordination. Alternatively, use Navisworks to transform the file into an NWD format.

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