ACC – Project Revit Version vs Different Revit Version Uploads


When you initiate a Revit project on the cloud by either saving it as a cloud model or by creating a worksheet co-authored Revi model on the cloud you then set the version/year of the project. You can upgrade the project to a new version/year, but just like with Revit, the project is not backward compatible. The person who sets up the hub must be careful to use the correct version from the very beginning and it is recommended that they initiate the version of the hub before inviting anybody else to the hub. If this is not done and somebody else initiates the project in a later version (I have experienced just such a situation) then you, unfortunately, must recreate the project from scratch.


Very often though we do have Revit version files that need to be linked into our files or clash detected. In this case, it might be necessary to have the Revit files in their original version. Now there is an interesting anomaly in the behavior of the cloud in that, while one cannot interact with the project through the Ravin interface of the relevant non-compliant year, you can still upload to the project directly from the browser.

Files from an earlier or a later version of Revit are allowed. Ultimately, we can then store, mark up, create issues, review, and clash detect Revit files of different versions/years.

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