Activating Autodesk 2015 Standalone Licenses

In the case that you still have an Autodesk 2015 (or later) perpetual license, you can activate the license provided you have the installation media. If you lost the installation media, you could create a support case with Autodesk and request the installation media for download. It will, however, not show up in your account for download.

The first thing to realise is that you will not be able to run AutoCAD on Windows 11. If you do not have Windows 10, then you will need to run a virtual machine. You can do this if you have a Windows 11 Pro license. Otherwise, you can purchase a license to run a virtual machine from another vendor. You will then be able to run your Autodesk 2015 software on the virtual machine.

After installing, you need to disconnect form the internet. You then run the software and generate an activation request code. You then get an activation code based on the request code, input that into the software, and activate.  

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You can find an Autodesk article dealing with the matter here. And this is the link to the activation portal.

The alternative is to purchase a subscription for the latest software versions, including new software that might be more suited to modern workflows. If you would like to schedule a meeting with us to discuss the relevance of Autodesk software in your practice, please give us a call.

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