Adding an old Classic Toolbar into AutoCAD’s ribbon.


A customer phoned in to ask how he could add an old UCS2 toolbar added into his ribbon in AutoCAD 2016. As you all know the Classic Workspace has been removed since AutoCAD 2015 version.  (Two ways to get the classic workspace back is the following:



So the answer his question I proposed the following 5 steps.

  1. A good idea is to create to new Workspace and make AutoCAD save your changed automatically to your workspace as you make them. To do this you’ll click the Gear on the bottom left and “Save Workspace As…”


In the next dialogue box add a name like ‘Classic’ or ‘Edited’ Click Save.


Now click back on the Gear and “Workspace Settings”. Click the radio button next to “Automatically save workspace changes”. See below.


  1. Now to start added the toolbar. Click on the Gear bottom left->Customize


Expand “Toolbars” on the left and scroll down until you find UCS2 toolbar.



  1. Right Mouse Click the UCS2 toolbar and click “Copy to Ribbon Panels”. Click Yes in the next dialogue box. This will create a UCS2 Panel in the Ribbon Panels area.



  1. Now Scroll up and make sure “Tabs” are expanded. Scroll back down to the Panels area and click and drag the UCS 2 Panel up to nearly the top to the “Tabs” area and drop into the space between Home-2D and Home-2D Draw.



Finally Click Ok.

  1. The UCS 2 toolbar will now be located in the Home-2D ribbon as shown.