They might as well be playing Blind Man’s Bluff (who is “it”), Marco Polo (not a VW) or Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Only in the BIM game, disciplines are blindfolded. We would get wildly different impressions of what they are busy with were they subjected to a Psychometric test on the Elephant in the Room, who has a long memory and contains all the information.

Structural Engineers may see the tusk as a spear.

Interior Decorators get the feel of a trunk and think it’s a snake. Personally, I would not like to touch a snake! Perhaps the absence of a rattle and the smell of peanuts should put one to rest…

Environmental Engineers think the support is a tree (and don’t have a leg to stand on).

The Mechanical Engineers get an ear-full, and discover some fans (and hangers-on) …

The Architects cannot read the writing on the wall (the Elephant is a bit defensive about his weight)

And I don’t know who has got hold of the tail, or how long a piece of string is.

In this environment we are all very lucky the Elephant is a kindly chap with lots of patience and all this touchy-feely stuff can only last that long. As modelers we owe it to our charge to understand our roles in a much larger context.

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