Advance Steel 2021 – Change Section for Continuous Concrete Footing


In this video, we investigate how to specify custom sizes for continuous concrete footings. When one needs a specific size of footing cross-section, the first impulse is to see if one can add it to the databases that inform Advance Steel what sections are available.

These can be found in the Management tools in Table Editor. It is relatively easy to open the installed databases, but a quick search for concrete reveals that it is not present. Instead, one must specify the custom size in the name. This must be done on creation as it is not possible after the fact by altering the Advanced Properties.

Once this process is understood you will have no trouble creating continuous concrete footings for your structures in Autodesk Advance Steel.

If you need help adopting Advance Steel or BIM in your practice, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.