Advantages of starting your project in Autodesk Forma


Autodesk Forma offers several advantages in the architectural and design process, making it a valuable tool for professionals. Some key benefits include:

Efficient Use of Existing Context:

The ability to extract site information from maps and instantly incorporate existing buildings as massed objects provides a time-saving advantage. This feature allows designers to quickly understand the context of a project and its surroundings, which is crucial for effective urban planning.

Streamlined Sustainable Design:

The analysis tools and functions in Autodesk Forma assist in evaluating the feasibility of sustainable design concepts. Designers can assess factors such as temperature, sun exposure, wind, and noise early in the process. This helps in creating environmentally conscious designs and making informed decisions to enhance sustainability.

Contribution to Feasibility Studies:

By optimizing the available analysis tools, designers can swiftly identify potential challenges in a project. For example, if sun or wind studies reveal unfavourable results, it prompts consideration of additional design elements or systems, allowing for early identification of potential costs and ensuring feasibility.

Quick Parking Generation:

The parking tool in Autodesk Forma facilitates the rapid generation of parking solutions. This enables designers to assess whether the design meets parking requirements and easily adjust the layout, accordingly, contributing to efficient space planning.

Visualization of Design Impact:

Autodesk Forma provides visualizations that help designers understand the impact of various analyses on the conceptual design. This aids in creating design options and comparing their effects, allowing for the selection of the most efficient and effective design solution.

Time Savings in Conceptual Design:

Autodesk Forma enables a comprehensive analysis of conceptual designs, including factors like wind, sun, and energy studies. This can significantly reduce the time spent in the initial design phase, allowing for quick evaluations.
You can see on the graph the cost of design changes and where traditionally more time is spent. Resolving these issues at the concept stage not only saves time for the designers but also saves costs to the client.

In summary, Autodesk Forma offers a versatile set of tools that not only save time in the design process but also contribute to more informed and sustainable architectural decisions from the early conceptual stages through feasibility studies. The integration of various analysis tools enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the design workflow.

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