AEC Contractor Focussed – Using Navisworks and Autodesk Construction Cloud

When an Exchange Information Request is initiated by the BIM Representative of the client, the file types that will be used and one must check if they can be used on ACC. This is usually dependent on the type of project. When industrial plants, mines, and factories are of consideration, one is not limited to Revit but exposed to a variety of authoring platforms that have been successfully used by Engineers for some time. Below is shown which files can be used with Model Aggregation, Automated Clash Detection and whether it may be Accessed in Autodesk Navisworks.

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The following files may be converted in Navisworks to NWC files for Automatic Clash Detection in ACC. They may also be converted into IFC for Automatic Clash Detection in ACC. These are what are referred to as tracked.


AutoCAD Architecture


Civil 3D 2018 and later



MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD

Siemens NX Strakon

Tekla Structures


When a file can be opened through Navisworks Coordination Issues Addin, it can be used in the ACC issues management workflows. The Views that are set up like that are saved as invisible NWF files.


To the best of my ability, and with my limited experience with all the various authoring platforms, the following flowchart represents the type of thought process that should guide a BIM Manager when responding with a BEP to an Exchange Information Request from the client when Autodesk Construction Cloud is to be used as the Common Data Environment. I look forward to investigating further and increasing my understanding of the interaction of ACC and Navisworks especially in the Mining and Industrial project arena and where disparate authoring platforms are of interest.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Desktop Connector, Navisworks

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