AEC for Owners – Use Docs ISO 19650 Naming Enforcement to Generalize ACC Template


If I were the owner or the lead on an Autodesk Construction Cloud HUB, then I would want to use the power of my appointment to maximize the generic use of the platform as much as possible. Then I can reuse the structure in subsequent projects and win from the increased efficiency. I would also like to impose and enforce as much structure to the data as I can without breaking the supply chain workflows. Structured data means that I can automate against the Building Information Model (BIM), Project Information Model (PIM) and Asset Information Model. Most probably the supply chain would push back initially, but ultimately increased efficiencies would bear out the merits of the decision. Provided the methodology results in everyone winning, new ways of working will be adopted in future projects without too much resistance.

AEC for Owners

To guide me in this atomization I would invest in the ISO 19650 BIM standards. Some have been vetted by the SABS in South Africa, and yet more is available from the International Standards Organization.

I would use a longer project code so I can at least have some structure to the naming of the files (this is allowed under the ISO naming standard). This is often a requirement of companies. Sperate projects from one country or city to the next, for instance.

You can also get companies used to adopting an originator code you specifically assign to them. Unfortunately, one is limited to 400 entries on a table for any one field (maximum of 400 Originators / Companies).

AEC for Owners

Same goes for zones and levels. The more generic the structure the better.

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The only thing then required of the project administrator is to maintain the enforcement of the standard across the project folders.

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