AEC for Owners – Use Forma to alter the McLeamy Curve


The McLeamy curve is famous in the BIM world. Here are some inferences we can make from the graph.

BIM models become more difficult to alter as time goes along. As the design is refined, more elements need to change if a change is made. Architectural changes cascade from Architectural to Structural to MEP. So, it becomes more and more expensive to alter the design as time goes along.

Also, the design builds up in time. Initial designs are propagated into the future and so any conditions and designs we impose at the start are liable to impact the design most.

Note the advantage of BIM workflows. It pushes the design into an earlier phase. More changes are made at less cost than in the CAD workflow, and the design is impacted by the changes earlier, making for a better final product.

AEC for Owners

As can be seen below, >50% of value is created for a residential development at the initial stages of the development. It makes perfect sense to an investor to channel a substantial amount of money into the project at the beginning then. That will make sure the impact of every dollar is maximized.

In addition to that, it makes perfect sense for the investor to become as involved as possible right at the beginning and with as much independent advisory support as possible, and to exit the process as soon as possible, locking down the design and letting the supply chain get one with the job. Trying to maximize the investment by altering the design at the later stages is counterproductive, and the investor might be liable to pay penalties for holding the process up on purpose. The supply chain should not be carrying the financial burden of altering the design if the investor decides to change the design after it was already locked down. All parties should consider writing clauses into the contracts to maximize the benefits of the development not only for the investor, but also for the supply chain.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Forma, Daisy Design AI

When Forma and Daisy Design is used to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to the process, then we can see the envisaged resultant “McLeary curve”. This is the future of design. While Forma and Daisy design democratize the technology, it is not limited to that.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Forma, Daisy Design AI

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Autodesk, Micrographics, Forma, Daisy Design AI

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Autodesk, Micrographics, Forma, Daisy Design AI

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