Aligning DWG Models in Lumion



Aligning DWG Models in Lumion

When AutoCAD drawings (DWG) share a common origin, it might be necessary in Lumion to place them to a common origin. This is because very large models are often composed in separate files in CAD packages.

One way to orient models correctly with reference to each other is to move them onto the origin one at a time as they are loaded in.

In this blog, we look at the Contextual Menu in Lumion, where, if the DWG models are all selected, they may be aligned with each other to their common origin. One would still have to move them to the (0,0,0) point in Lumion if required, and this can be done by selecting them all and moving them. Here we simply place them in a group, so we can easily move them around. If we want to copy the group, use the move command together with the “Alt” key. That creates a copy.