How to ask Lumion developers to reset your Lumion license

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As you know Lumion uses a cloud based licensing system whereby the license is hosted in the cloud and the first PC that has the Lumion program installed opens Lumion it pulls the license via the PC’s internet connected to the application. So in other words you need to have internet connection when starting your Lumion.

As you work you don’t need internet connection but as soon as you close your Lumion you need to be connected to the internet for the license to be uploaded back to the cloud.

No what sometimes happens is after you have worked on Lumion you forget to connect to the internet and when you close Lumion and shut down your PC the license is lost. (as it was unable to upload the license back onto the server for future use.)

In a case like this you’ll need to ask Lumion developers to reset your license. The process is as follows:

1.Make sure you have a username and password set up on the Lumion Forum site. Here is the link to the site: Click on the Register links on the top of the site to Register or if you already have registered click Login.


2. Once registered log in and view your Profile. You’ll need to link your Lumion License key to your account.


Once in your Profile complete what you can and scroll down to the bottom. You should then add your Lumion license key and click register.


Your Lumion License key have been emailed you upon purchasing the software. The email should have looked something like this:

43. Now that you’re Lumion license key is linked to your account you’ll have additional access right to the forums page.

4. Go back to the Forum page and scroll down. Enter the Forum called : “License and Installation Questions”

5. Create a New Post asking the developers to please reset your license. Please do NOT list your license key details on this site. The developers will pick up your license key from your Profile.

6. You now just have to wait. The developers are usually quick to reset the license and respond to your post. The forum system will then email you once a response is created on the forums.

7. Once you have received the email you can test by opening Lumion. And remember to be online if you open and close Lumion in future.