AutoCAD 2020.1 Update released

020.1 Update released


Traditionally Autodesk release a service pack a couple of months after the major version are released. In August the 2020.1 update was released. The update usually fixes bugs found in the initial release and then adds some new features. This year the same happened.


The Autodesk software that this update applies to is AutoCAD as well as all the flavours of AutoCAD. Examples are AutoCAD Civil3D and AutoCAD Electrical and others. The full list of software the update applies to can be found at:

New Features

Some of the new features enhancement are: Drag and drop functionality for Blocks Palette settings ( as shown in the image below). Settings for Text that can be placed on a particular layer amd Multileaders are included in the Standards ( DWS) workflow.  Some security enhancements and then some 3D translators have been updated.

More information on these features can be found in the official AutoCAD blog :

Download and Install

The best way to download and install the update is via the Autodesk Desktop App. The Desktop App is installed with most Autodesk software. Run the app from the start button. Once opened select AutoCAD software of the left and the updates should appear for the selected Software. Click the Update button next to the Update.

You can also visit your Autodesk Account at . Select “All Products’ on the left and then “View download” next to your product. In the download dialogue box, select the “Updates” tab. Then download the 2020.1 update.

Just remember to close your AutoCAD before you install the updates. I also suggest turning off Windows User Account Control and Anti-virus. You can turn those back on once the update has been installed.


Autodesk is working very hard to enhance AutoCAD and this update is proof. I would strongly suggest updating your software to AutoCAD 2020 and to make sure to install the 2020.1 update.

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