AutoCAD 2020 Change Space


I have a confession to make: I have a touch of OCD. When printing drawings, I aspire for them to look precise, and it annoys me when they don’t. I also don’t want to scale dimensions in my head when drawing. The item that I feel is most challenging, is the centrelines feature. I want them to extend beyond the object that I am printing, but by how much? Compared to a 1:50 printed component, the centreline extension for a 1:100 printed component should be twice as long. Sure, I could print out a list of lengths per scale to advise me, but then I would have an ugly piece of paper up against the wall.

So, instead, draw the centreline on the paper space. It’s easy and can be performed regardless of the scale and is simply projected into the model space after the fact. Use the CHSPACE command to do this.

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