AutoCAD 2020 Pallets Arrange and Toggle



If I had to use a motoring analogy, I would say AutoCAD is to Inventor or Revit like a C-Class is to an F1 Mercedes racing car. You would not take your F1 to Exhibit to “Pimp Your Ride”, but the C-Class you could modify to your hearts content.

And this is exactly the challenge of AutoCAD. There are so many commands that one interface cannot show them all. Therefore, we use workspaces to set the interface up as we like it.

When I first started using the AutoCAD interface I spent a lot of time setting up the various palettes, but as one is not able to perfectly control their position on the interface, I got frustrated and gave up on it.

What I do, and recommend, is to understand the palettes and to set them into the interface individually as one would like them to behave. Then toggle them into the interface when needed, after which they are toggled off again.

Micrographics, Autodesk, AutoCAD 2020, Toggle and Arrange Palettes

One of my students then had a great idea (as is often the case we come to a better solution when we put our heads together): add the toggles onto the quick access toolbar! This makes all the difference to my AutoCAD user interface setup.

Micrographics, Autodesk, AutoCAD 2020, Toggle and Arrange Palettes

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