AutoCAD 2022 – Object Editing using Grips


I am always interested in how my students wield the software they are using and learning. Recently, I have become aware that editing and manipulating elements using their grips is a common practice among new users of AutoCAD. This is not something I traditionally do, and so I thought I would spend some time investigating if I am perhaps not making a mistake by adopting their use of grips. My suspicion was that Autodesk made AutoCAD more user-friendly, but that to a professional with the sho4rtcut keys at their fingertips, it may be slower.

After a brief spell of using the grips to edit objects, this is indeed the conclusion I came to. Students should understand both methods and adopt the way that suits them best. There are usually three ways to do things in AutoCAD. There is no one right way, rather that is best suited to the user.

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