AutoCAD 2022 – Obscure Hatches using Blocks

It is a typical question that gets asked by those that start using AutoCAD. A floor plan exists, so how does one place elements on the hatch and have them obscure the hatch. The answer is relatively simple when you know-how. Firstly, make sure that island detection is on.

Then place the blocks where they are supposed to be and hatch the floor after placing the blocks by picking points. This seems to be the easiest way to go about the process. The hatch automatically searches for the exterior boundary of the block and ignores the interior items.

If an object must be added to the hatch after it was placed, then edit the hatch and add the object. Automatically all the exterior and interior lines that exist in the block are added, and one is now necessitated to remove the interior lines.

In cases where there are many interior lines, it is clearly more efficient to simply delete the hatch and then to recreate the hatch if additions or subtractions need to be made.

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