AutoCAD 2022 – Printing Using Base Viewports


Blog 1 of 3 – AutoCAD 2022 – Printing Using Normal Viewports

Blog 2 of 3 – AutoCAD 2022 – Printing Using Solid Viewports

It is a bit disconcerting when you start working in 3D in AutoCAD. Not only does one need to model in 3D, but one must learn how to print the model elements. This can be a confusing matter.

In this series of three video blogs, we look at the different ways in which one can print 3D drawings.

When using Base Viewports, one may project isometric and orthographic views from the base view. Hidden features are generated and in contrast to solid views, the lines are not generated in the model space. The base view can even be inserted from an inventor file. Sections may be generated. This is the modern way to complete technical layouts in AutoCAD and the one that I would default to.

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