AutoCAD 2022 – Showing how Pipes Join to Each Other


Often, there are many ways in which one can do a specific bit of 3D modeling in Autodesk. When one is working on pipes that are inclined in multiple planes it can be difficult to set the UCS to objects in a way one can infer the defining section.

The defining section is often used to generate a solid which can be subtracted from another element (pipe). This helps to define the join.

This can be used to develop the defining curve that can be wrapped around the pipe so it can be manufactured. I have done this before and while it is not as efficient as having access to a CNC milling machine, one can still manufacture some complex welds with a bit of elbow grease. I usually print the curve 1:1 then glue wrap it around the pipe before marking out the defining curve. I use a grinder and then some emery paper pasted on another pipe to finish off the curve before welding.

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