The AutoCAD ribbon is not hard coded into the graphical user interface of AutoCAD. It is quite possible that you may lose it when working or when the program crashes.

If the ribbon disappears completely, you may have toggled it off. You can use the command RIBBON to switch the ribbon on or RIBBONCLOSE to open the Ribbon if it is hidden.

A more difficult challenge presents itself when you have the ribbon on but there are no commands visible. In this case, you should try to reload the customization file. This can be done with the CUILOAD command.

Note, it is not sufficient to only reload the CUI file. One should first unload the corrupted one. Select it from the list then click the button and close the dialogue.

This results in a rather sparse interface.

Run CUILOAD again and load the relevant customization file. They are stored here.

For the usual AutoCAD, load this file: acad.CUIX

If everything goes well, then you will end up with the full interface restored.

If the above does not work, you either must try to restore AutoCAD, get the CUIX from a colleague or friend, or reinstall it as a last resort.

If you write your own commands and customize the ribbon for yourself, then you should learn to create the customization files necessary to recover from your computer having to be restored. AutoCAD can be modified in a myriad of ways and understanding how to get the system back up and running is crucial.

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