AutoCAD and Verticals Install on a Single Drive


From an installation perspective, Autodesk has centralised the API in the AutoCAD installation. Any further AutoCAD Vertical installations then require the installer to install on the same drive as the AutoCAD installation. Likewise, if a Vertical was installed first, this vertical sets the drive for any further installations.

AutoCAD is a great CAD package. I got a lot of respect for the software and the underlying mathematics when I started shooting 3D parametric splines through points in 3D. With the old computer I was running, the processor worked at a maximum and took a while. Then, when I fed the same points into an AutoCAD command (SPLINE) it computed in a fraction of the time it took my script to run. The same point was made by my engineering friends at a later stage when they had come to the same conclusion after their programming endeavors: “Why program your own algorithms when you can leverage the AutoCAD API?”

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The AutoCAD Toolset, Advance Steel and Civil 3D all leverage the AutoCAD API and take advantage of the stability and speed of the members in the API.

If you are responsible for installing your software, make sure you have enough space to your hard drive. If you are going to exceed the space limitations on your main drive and you have a second equivalent or slower data drive, then you can install on that. Once the program is initiated, it will be run on your main drive and in your RAM (almost as fast as usual), and you will just have to wait a bit longer for the program to start. If that is acceptable, then proceed as thus. Otherwise, you should consider purchasing a larger hard drive for your main drive.

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