AutoCAD CAD Layer Standards Kick Start


In my opinion, the intelligent use of AutoCAD relies on using the layer structure and tools to implement a standard throughout a project. Whether one does this within a company workflow, or to comply with an imposed standard on a project, a good way to make a start is with an existing standard. They may not include all the layers you need to complete the project, but they do have the basic structure you need to make a start.

In general, the United States and United Kingdom have some very good standards to adopt on a project. Instead of setting up the layers from scratch, use the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020 country kit templates to open a new file.

Micrographics, Autodesk, AutoCAD 2020, Layers, CAD Standards

Then use the Design Center palette to transfer the layers to your own project or template.

Micrographics, Autodesk, AutoCAD 2020, Layers, CAD Standards

Typically, there are many layers to use now, and so using Layer Property Filters and Layer Group Filters are important.

While it is possible to control the filtering of layers through viewports, it does place an increased use on hardware resources, and so layer states are also useful in this regard in the model space. Another reason to use Layer states would be to impart a different look to make a standard comply across companies.

Then there is also layer translation and reconciliation to apply, and a comparison to a standards file for good measure.

If you need help using AutoCAD in your company (hardware, installations, training and application within a project), please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance to you. We have expertise in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) as well as in Manufacturing.