AutoCAD Image Raster Print Workaround

I came across something unexpected recently where a rasterized image placed in the model space would not print in a viewport in paper space. In this video, we investigate how to get a image raster to print AutoCAD refuses to do so.

There is a comprehensive article released by Autodesk on how you can try to troubleshoot this behavior.

We tried everything in the article to get the image to print, but the only solution that finally worked was to copy the image from within another AutoCAD drawing and to paste it directly into the drawing of our choice.

Why AutoCAD should behave like this is a mystery to me, but the workaround does offer us a short-term solution until Autodesk can fix this behavior. This is especially important if you are doing large-scale developments in Architectural or Civils for instance. Quite often we have large-scale aerial photographs that give us context.

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