AutoCAD saving to c Drive problem


AutoCAD saving to c Drive problem.


We have a customer recently calling in with the issue that their AutoCAD do not want to save on the c -drive and give the following error message. And could save to any other location successfully. He could also save to the c -drive using MS Word or Excel.

AutoCAD saving to c Drive problem - 1 error screen


What we did is to use a remote support application and found that I could not create a simple .TXT file on the c- drive root. This meant that the issue was not only related to only AutoCAD.


The resolution was that Windows was set to prevent the user from creating files on the c -drive. To fix this problem and disable the restriction we had to do the following:

  1. Select the Windows Start button and type ‘controlled folder access’ and enter. The screen as below will appear. Now select the link: ‘Allow an app through controlled folder access’. Note that if you have another Anti-virus program installed the screen might be different as which point you need to just temporarily quite the AV program and redo these steps.

AutoCAD saving to c Drive problem - 2 Windows settings

  1. In the following screen select the ‘ + Add an allowed app’. Then click on ‘Browse all apps’. Go to program files and go to Autodesk until you find the Autocad.exe file. Select this and it will be added to the allowed apps.

AutoCAD saving to c Drive problem - 3 Allow apps through

  1. This solves the problem and explains the fact that MS word and Excel can right to the c drive as they are ‘allowed’ apps.


So, although blanket restrictions is a good preventative method you might need to relax it to have AutoCAD be able to save to the c drive, in this case. Alternatively, you can simply save to another folder or directory instead of the c drive root.

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