AutoCAD Slow when switching tabs

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A customer of mine recently experienced slow response when changing to another layout while working on a specific drawing. It took up to 20 seconds to generate the next layout! He has a high-spec PC running the latest AutoCAD 2015 and the service pack running on Windows 7, Service Pack 1.

I started by opening an empty drawing and the tab-switching functioned normally. I opened up the drawing he was experiencing problems with and discovered that 5 odd GB was used out of a 6GB maximum. Now that is a lot of memory allocated to the current process.

Looking at the drawing again I discovered it had 7 or 8 unnamed layouts – each having one viewport – and 8 tabs containing various detailed drawings and sheets, also with a viewport on each.

This is what we did:
We started by deleting the empty and unused layouts to clean the drawing up a bit. Underneath AutoCAD Options you will find the System tab. On the bottom left of the dialogue box we changed the layout regen options setting from “Cache model and all layout” to the topmost option “Regen when switching layouts”.

This immediately solved the issue as the bottom option caches all the layouts and viewports into the memory and depletes the PC’s resources. Now none of these layouts or viewports are loaded into the memory and each layout is only generated once you select it.

So, when you are working with drawings that contain many layouts, you basically just need to clean up and delete unnecessary layouts and make sure to select the “Regen when switching layouts” from the system tab.

Have you experienced something similar? How did you go about it and do you have any other tips you would like to share?