AutoCAD Snapping in Layout / Paperspace



A customer recently called in and complained that his AutoCAD is acting very strange as he cannot access the titleblock information in Paperspace or the Layout when trying to move a piece of text.

The problem

Looking at the problem we realised that it was not a problem with the selection or move command but with the cursor snapping in between the points that you want to pick. So you cannot get to the the desired point when trying to move text in the titleblock on the layout.

AutoCAD Snapping in Layout Paperspace 1. Problem


Now if you are familiar with the Grid and Snap Modes found in the Model space of your drawing you will recognise the problem. In Modelspace you set the cursor to snap to the grid to enable you to draw in a modular way snapping to increments to 10 in this case.

AutoCAD Snapping in Layout Paperspace 2. Snap in Model

To set the increments you can right click on the mode icon and in the settings you can set the values.

AutoCAD Snapping in Layout Paperspace 3. Snap and grid settings

However if you go to the Layout of Paperspace you’ll notice that the Snap and Grid Mode Icons are not visible and you cannot turn the visibility of them on or off.

AutoCAD Snapping in Layout Paperspace 4. Layouts

So How did the problem originate?  The only answer I can provide is that the keyboard shortcut to turn on Snap mode was pressed by mistake. The keyboard shortcut for Snap is F9. So that was the solution too. We pressed F9 and the Snap Mode turn off. It does show the result on the command line as shown below. Once we turn off the Snap mode everything turned back to normal.

AutoCAD Snapping in Layout Paperspace 5. F9 keyboard shortcut


By knowing the keyboard shortcuts enabled us to solve the problem. So a good idea is to start learning the keyboard shortcuts for AutoCAD. Here is a link to the standard ones:

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