AutoCAD Spline Reduce Vertices – AutoLISP


Autodesk AutoCAD and AutoLISP has been around for a long time. Often there are legacy scripts that have been created in hotel lisp that can be leveraged on drawings even today. I was quite surprised with an elderly gentleman started using AutoCAD LT to run AutoLISP routines. These are routines that he had collected in the 1980s and 90s and could still provide him with efficiency increases in his practice today. While you cannot compose AutoLISP routines in AutoCAD LT (only in the full AutoCAD) you can run the scripts.

Remember to set the security level on your folders and to check the source for viruses. Running macros does hold the possibility to introduce viruses into your system.

In this case I found a script on the forums and ran it on a polyline (reducing the number of vertices). This can really help in simplifying and getting rid of noise in a busy polyline.

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