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This blog will focus on how to use the Autodesk Account and Autodesk Desktop App to manage your Autodesk software.

Autodesk is transitioning from a serial number-based system to a user-based system. There are several benefits to this system, but the system and users need to be managed. The idea behind this blog is to introduce you to the tools that can assist you in managing these systems efficiently.

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Autodesk Desktop App and Updates

The Autodesk Desktop App is automatically installed when you install any of the Autodesk software from the last couple of years. The Autodesk Desktop App is primarily used by the end-user of the software to make sure his software is installed, and all the updates are installed. The app itself will also be updated automatically if you set it so.

Autodesk Account Workflow - 2 Autodesk Desktop App Updates

The updating process is done by opening the desktop app and accessing the software Updates. Only the Update on the installed software will appear. These updates are further filtered by which licenses are assigned to the end user by the contract Manager, meaning that you will only see the update of the software that has been assigned to you and also have been installed on the PC.

You can also set up the Autodesk Desktop app to download the updates to a specified network folder and then the other users can check if that folder contains any updates and then use those instead of redownloading the same update.

Autodesk Account Workflow - 3 Autodesk Desktop App Settings

You can also use the Autodesk Desktop App to install new versions of the assigned software. On the right side of the image below you can see the ‘Install’ buttons next to each software.

Autodesk Account Workflow - 4 Autodesk Desktop App Install

You can also see your Autodesk Profile detail as well as access your Autodesk Account website via the Autodesk Desktop App.

Autodesk Account Workflow - 5 Autodesk Desktop App Profile


Autodesk Account and Users, Licenses and Usage tracking

You Autodesk Account is a website where you’ll manage your software, add users and assign licenses to these users.

Autodesk Account Workflow - 6 Invite User

As with the Autodesk Desktop App you can download your new software or updates from this Portal. You can access these under the “All Products and Services” area on the left.

Autodesk Account Workflow - 7 Download links

You can also set up users and assign licenses to these users if you have the rights to do so. Meaning that there are different roles. Users, Secondary Admin and Primary Admins each with different rights.

Autodesk Account Workflow - 8 Assign License

You can also keep track of your software usage. This is very useful of future planning to validate the use of the software in the organisation.

Autodesk Account Workflow - 9 Usage reports


Using both these Autodesk tools, an end user can manage their software in a professional manner, installing new software or keeping the software up to date and assigning users if staff changes occur.

As reference the Administrator can view the following video:

If you require further assistance with the management of Autodesk licenses or would like us to manage the licenses on your behalf please contact us at: