Autodesk Collaborate Pro – Is a Temporary Work-In-Progress Folder even Possible?


Using Autodesk Collaborate pro allows for a well-defined siloed approach to having different companies work together. It is a multilateral approach. BIM Manager A shares a package and BIM Manager B accepts the package. After package acceptance, the files are available for Company B to link into their models. This is a good practice – a safe practice – and one that is encouraged as the preferred approach in BIM Projects.

Traditionally it might be required that a real-time linking in of a file is required. In other words, access is given to Team B of Team A’s Central model so they may link that in. This is a risky way to work as the file is always changing and is not prepared or verified first.

Is this even possible using Autodesk Collaborate Pro? Well, let’s see how the process works.

The Collaboration file that those in company A that use Revit are working on – the WIP model – is a file that is ONLY visible through the Revit interface. It does not exist as a file that can be linked to another file. One may publish the file, in which case it will be visible and available for those that have access to the Team folder, and only those with access to the team folder can access the file.

So, at best, Team B may be given access to Team A’s Team folder before they can link the published file into their own model. Once they have access, they may of course also decide to publish at will.

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