Autodesk Construction Cloud – Edit or Add Attributes to the Naming Standard ISO 19650

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After you have read the article, please consider voting for the following idea on the Autodesk Idea Station. Your vote will go a long way in making sure Autodesk is alerted to the fact that the inability to alter codes or add to codes in an enforced naming standard is important.

Edit or add attributes to the naming standard (ISO 19650)

Autodesk, Micrographics, Autodesk Construction Cloud, ISO 19650, Naming Standard, Enforcement, Vote, Idea

In the past, when learning the UK PASS 1192 BIM, and the later, the ISO 19650 naming standards, it became clear that user error in naming files can easily cause confusion in a file repository. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when Autodesk made it possible to enforce the ISO 19650 naming standard in the Autodesk Construction Cloud through Docs.

Initially, I just started using the standard, but then I tried to add codes to the existing standard. It was not possible. You either must know all the codes before enforcement, or you must spend a long time managing files whenever you add a code. It simply is not practical

Take something as simple as the code for a company. Autodesk assumes that you already know before name enforcement everyone who needs a code within the supply chain. Invariably, as the project progresses, it will be necessary to add to that list. Below is shown how the Edit button is greyed out when enforcement is in progress.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Autodesk Construction Cloud, ISO 19650, Naming Standard, Enforcement, Vote, Idea

Given this obstacle, I am no longer using the name enforcement on my own projects, and I am also advising my clients about this snag in the technology, so that they are forearmed with the knowledge. Ultimately their time is valuable and following a naming protocol seems to be the best solution, not enforcing it.

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