Autodesk Construction Cloud File Naming Enforcement


Autodesk Construction Cloud has a great file name enforcement. This means that the platform will reject any files that are uploaded without the correct file name.

By default, the ISO 19659-2 naming standard is applied, although other naming protocols can also be defined and enforced. The ISO 19659-2 naming standard includes three metadata fields now: suitability code, revision, and classificatory (Uniclass 2015). These fields act like slip fields. That means that the version is rolled back, the metadata is rolled back with it.

If a file is uploaded and it fails to pass the naming protocol, it is placed in a holding area, from which a manager may rename it to comply first before accepting it.

When a coordination model is initiated on the platform with the naming standard enforced, it will not succeed unless the file is named correctly, and in this case, the file not even be uploaded to the cloud.