Autodesk Construction Cloud – Folder Structure for ACC PlanGrid


Autodesk PlanGrid is the Autodesk mobile solution for accessing your documentation on the web when you are on site. This is done via mobile app. When you peruse the files on the mobile app, you will discover that there is no option to collapse the folder structures. For this reason, you should consider arranging the folders and subfolders in such a manner that you can browse the relevant folders in an acceptable amount of time.

Autodesk Construction Cloud, Micrographics, Folder Structure. ACC PlanGrid

Unless you try the app while setting up the folder structure you would not be aware of this. It is therefore recommended that you download the app and browse your folder structure on the app even if you only own the Autodesk Construction Cloud Docs license. at the very least this will make you aware of the limitations of the mobile app and guide you when setting up a folder structure for your project.

There is no right or wrong solution, however, it is my recommendation that you position the files that are relevant to the construction teams at the beginning of the folder structure. I use a Project Files root folder into which my reviewed documentation is copied during the review process.

Autodesk Construction Cloud, Micrographics, Folder Structure. ACC PlanGrid

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