AutoCAD 2022 – Surface Editing Commands to Manipulate Solids

There are some great solid editing tools in AutoCAD. Learning how to use them may take some time, but it is well worth your while.

We all have a history of using the software. If like me, you are old school, you are used to using AutoCAD in a way that has been reinforced by repeated use. Probably, once you figured out how to do something, you never bothered to learn new ways of going about your modeling.

In this video, I present a clear case for learning new or other ways of manipulating sold elements. I used to but things up and then move and join them together afterward. There is a much simpler way of editing solids. Here we look at a simple comparison of how one can use these tools to save time. Learn, evaluate, and then adopt new ways of working if they are beneficial to your company.

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