Autodesk Construction Cloud – Suitability Codes and Revisions

In this video we discuss how to manage the Suitability Codes and Revisions within the Autodesk Construction Cloud. The ISO 19650 standard designates these fields as metadata. We discuss some of the most prevalent Suitability and Revision codes and discuss how they progress over the production cycle.

We see how the suitability codes denote the purpose of the file and designate the end-of-stage when finally accepted.

We see that the minor revisions apply to the WIP files. The minor revisions are removed with the WIP is moved to shared and changed on publish.

We show metadata slipsheeting between versions. We investigate how the metadata travels to another folder on copy or move. We also see how they are managed by Autodesk across package shares and when put through a revision process.

If you are interested in further information, please have a look at the following webinar.

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