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Autodesk is spending a lot of time and effort developing the Autodesk Construction Cloud. It is often the case that new tools and product enhancements are added. How would you know about this? I would suggest you consult the help in the individual modules and see what is new. It is the best way of learning about developments without having to hear it from a colleague or friend. For BIM managers this is crucial, but team members can also benefit from becoming involved in the conversation. As the technologies improve, try out the enhancements and adopt them if they are relevant to your projects. Like any professional, you should stay abreast of current trends and technologies, and reading the “What is New” section is an easy way to do this. You can also become involved in the forums and other events. The Autodesk Construction Blog is another great resource that you should follow if you are interested in what is current practice in the industry.

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