Autodesk Course Completion Certification Process 2020


Herewith the process of completing an online survey to enable the download of your Completion Certificate once you have attended an Autodesk training course.


You’ll go through the process of creating an Autodesk Training profile for yourself. Once logged in you will then search and add the course attended using the provided Course ID number. Complete the survey and download your certificate.

The Process:

Step 1:

Please visit . Complete the personal information as shown below. Click Next.

Certification Process - 1 create account

Step 2:

Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Click the Register button.

Certification Process - 2 accept term and conditions

Step 3:

You’ll now have been logged in. And will see a screen like this.

Certification Process - 3. Logged in

Step 4:

Once logged in click on the left on ‘Course’ menu and then ‘Search Course’ sub menu. Enter the provided Course ID which looks similar to EM0411xxxxxx whereby the ‘x’ should be a number. The Instructor should provide you with a Course ID number. Click Search.

Certification Process - 4. Search for Course

Step 5:

Once searched it will provide a course. Verify that the course details are correct and Click ‘Enroll’.

Certification Process - 5. Enroll to Course

Step 6:

Once Enrolled you’ll see the Course in your ‘My Course’ area and you can click the link under the ‘Survey area’ to the right. This will initiate a Survey that you need to complete to be able to download your certificate.

Certification Proces - 6a. Complete Survey


Step 7:

The image below shows the initial survey question and a couple more will follow. Answer them as you see fit. Click Next once answered.

Certification Process - 7. Complete Questions

Step 8:

Once completed you’ll see a screen as below.

Certification Proces - 8a. Completed Survey


Step 9:

Now click on the ‘Finished Course’ sub menu and if the ‘Download Certificate’ column shows “Awaiting for Approval” is means that the Instructor simply needs to Approve your registration.

Certification Proces - 9a. Awaiting Approval

Step 10:

Once the Instructor has Approved your Registration you can visit the page again, Select ‘Finished Courses’ on the left and download your Certificate as shown. The page URL is:

Certification Proces - 10a. Download Certificate

Step 11:

Save and Open the Certificate to check. Here is an example of a Certificate of Completion.

Certification Process - 11. Certificate Example

If you are unsure of any of the above, please contact your instructor for assistance or Micrographics at: