Autodesk Forma – Sun Analysis


There are two main types of direct sun analyses: analyses of sun hours on the building’s facades and analyses of sun hours on the area around the building on the ground. You can select the time interval and date for a specific location.

Analyses of Sun Hours on Building Facades

This involves assessing the amount of direct sunlight that hits specific facades of a building over a given time period.

It helps designers understand where and when sunlight exposure is most prominent or lacking.

Tools for such analyses may allow users to select a time interval (e.g., a specific hour of the day) and date to see how sunlight interacts with the building during different seasons.

Analyses of Sun Hours on the Ground Around the Building

This type of analysis focuses on the solar exposure of the ground or outdoor spaces surrounding a building. It helps assess areas that receive direct sunlight and those that are shaded during different times of the day or year. Users can customize the time interval and date to evaluate how sunlight patterns change over time.

Both types of analyses are crucial for various reasons:

  • Energy Efficiency: Understanding how sunlight interacts with a building allows designers to optimize natural lighting, reducing the need for artificial lighting and, consequently, energy consumption.
  • Comfort and Livability: Sunlight exposure affects the comfort and livability of indoor and outdoor spaces. These analyses help designers create spaces that are comfortable and enjoyable for occupants.
  • Environmental Impact: By analysing sunlight, designers can implement sustainable design strategies, such as maximizing passive solar heating or minimizing heat gain.

To conduct these analyses, architects and urban planners often use Forma that provide accurate solar data for a specific location and allow for dynamic visualization of sunlight patterns.

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