Autodesk Online CAD Viewer


If you are ever stuck in not being able to view a CAD file you can use the online viewer from Autodesk called A360 Viewer.

This viewer has been available for some time now but not a many people are aware of it.

You can view a variety of CAD file formats. Here is a list of file formats that the online Viewer can read:


The web link for the viewer is :

Landing on the site you can upload your design or use one of the provided Samples.


If you select the Upload option you can either browse to your local PC or to a cloud based service.


I browsed to a sample Revit file on my local Harddrive. Click open and wait till the upload has finished.


If you do sign in you can ask for the system to send you an email to notify that the upload is ready.


Once the process is done you can view the model in the browser. Notice the View and Sheets on the left used for navigation.


To briefly explain what you can do with this viewer here is some screenshots of various function you can perform:

With regards to the 3D view you can Add Section planes for viewing inside your building.


You can measure areas in Square meters.


You can measure lengths of edges.


You can explode the model to see objects individually.


You can also get the properties of an element.


And lastly you can log in and then you can create screenshots and print them.